Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Victorian Black - BoondockG

Victorian Black 
BoondockG Soapery

Wickedly seductive ~ a floral blend of delicate violets, clover flower, heather ~ hints of basil and fennel ~ fine notes of oakmoss and labdanum….with just a hint of powder. 

There’s really not a lot to say about this. In the vial and on the skin it smells like an English garden – very much an old lady floral. There’s not a lot of change in the dry down, though there is a talcum powder note that comes out. I don’t get the basil or fennel at all – there is nothing about this that spices up the floral on me. It’s pretty, but there is nothing whatsoever interesting or remarkable about it. The sillage is low and longevity is medium. After about 5 hours there's just a very soft amber base left.


Day 52!*

Slowly catching up. 


  1. It sounds like this would be pretty, but uninteresting. I am very excited to try the Nyx imp you gave to me. I haven't tried a lot of the brands you've tried, and I'm very thankful that you were so kind to send me the imps <3

    1. Nyx wasn't overly exciting either, but it's fun to try brands you've never tried before anyway. :-)

  2. This sounds very boring... Florals doo need something to spice them up!

  3. This intrigued me a bit, but I can't handle violet notes.