Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink Snowballs 2012 - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Honestly, it's late at night, I've had a few wines, and I can't be arsed getting up and taking a picture - here's a Google image of 'pink snowballs'. 

Pink Snowballs
Yule 2012
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

A lighthearted winter scent: chilly vanilla rose snowballs! Dainty, soft, and certainly unfit for flinging!

In the vial this is vanilla with a chilly, sort of mint note. Wet on skin the rose comes out as well, and it’s a bright, cold girly scent. I’d say this is quite young – I could see Noodles pulling this off nicely. The rose goes powdery fairly quickly and stays that way for quite a while, but it mellows nicely eventually with a lovely musk note. The sillage is fairly low but it has really good longevity – I could still smell it on my wrist at the end of the work day. 

2/5 I think I’ll put this one away and age it for a while. I like the opening quite a bit, but I’m not keen on the powdery dry down bit in the middle before it finally goes to a musky rose. BPALs generally age well, so hopefully it will improve if it’s tucked away for a few months.

Day  50!


  1. I never cease to be amazed by how our tastes in perfume clash! I would so hate this! ;) Everything but the vanilla at least!

    1. Haha, well at least there are plenty out there for both of us!

  2. Your first sentence was so awesome, haha. I know how that feels to not want to do a product photo. Sometimes google just sounds so much more inviting and simple, haha! Vanilla and rose, sounds very lighthearted for bpal! Hopefully it will age well :)

    1. Woah, that was way too many haha's in one paragraph! Sorry <3

    2. Yes, I was feeling super lazy. ;-)