Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well, hello to you!

Hello! If you're here you probably want to read about perfume, which is good, because I want to write about perfume. Specifically all the wonderful indie perfumes out there on the wide wide world of web. This is a one year project to review a different scent every day in 2013. Now I must warn you, I'm a Gemini - we're not by nature finishers - but I've been blogging in various forms pretty regularly for a few years now, and I do love my perfumes, so am quietly confident I can keep up the momentum.

A bit about me. My name is Dee. I'm an ancient Gen-Xer who has been into perfume since I was in my teens. I started with the old Impulse sprays (the musk one, don't recall the name), worked my way up to The Body Shop Dewberry and Fuzzy Peach, then got my first proper grown up perfume (Opium) from a boyfriend when I was in my late teens. I went through a hippie shop fragrance oil phase in the 90s that lasted several years (thank you Back to Basics Vanilla Oil for all that boy attention you got me), then drifted back into commercial fragrances for a long time. Now I do a bit of both, because they both have pros and cons for me. The pro for commercials is that I like headkicker fragrances that waft past people as I walk by. However, for actual scents, I prefer the uniqueness of perfume oils. Commercial fragrances can be lovely, but so many of them just smell like the Myer perfume department, know what I mean?  Don't even get me started on celebrity perfumes. I could rant all day.

The notes I tend to gravitate towards are white florals, rose, leather, chocolate, vanilla, musk, and cream. I also love delicate florals like lilac and wisteria. I prefer the feminine to the masculine, though there are some masculine-ish scents I adore and use liberally in the colder months. My all time favourite perfume oil is Love's Philosophy by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and my favourite commercial perfume is Miller Harris Fleur Oriental, which everyone else either hates or is indifferent to. I don't care - I will stand alone! Perfumes I cannot stand include Chanel No. 5, Thierry Mugler Angel, and pretty much anything fruity. However, I will occasionally buy samples of fruity oils because I have a 14 year old daughter (Noodles) who likes them a lot, so I test them out and then pass them on to her.

I have a list of my currently owned perfume on ScentBase, so if there's anything on there you'd like to hear more about, please do let me know. I'll be updating that list regularly too, especially since I may or may not currently have 6 more orders on the way (in my defence - nearly all samples, as they're almost all shops I've not tried before). I'm going to keep this blog exclusively indie perfumes, and continue to occasionally talk about commercials on my general blog here.

See you on January 1!