Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Silver Lavender - Possets Perfume

Silver Lavender 
Possets Perfume

An instant classic, the unbelievable wonder of a vanilla like lavender such as this beauty I have found, paired up with the Silver accord we all love, with a drop or two of sandalwood to mellow it all out and you have a perfection of fragrance fit for any occasion from seduction to a family dinner to a tax audit to a declaration of true love. Yes, this is one of the few really 100% versitile fragrances out there. Always correct, always beautiful, can be icy and can be hott. I think the secret ingredient is you, the perfume just conforms to what you want to be.

I don’t mind lavender in soaps, shampoos, and those sewn up scent bags you buy at school fetes and hang in your wardrobe. However, I’m not a fan of lavender in perfumes. I received this as a freebie in a recent Possets order; I would never have bought it myself. In the vial this is a soapy lavender with a bit of vanilla. Applied to my skin, a creamy note comes out, which does take a little of the soapiness away, but it still reminds me of something you’d buy at the last minute in Chemist Warehouse because you forgot to get your Grandma a Mother’s Day present. The dry down is a bland vanilla sandalwood, with the lavender coming and going. Sillage is reasonably low for lavender – I caught whiffs of it when I moved my arm, but I was unaware of it otherwise. It did last quite a long time though – at least 6 hours at which point I forgot about it because it was just so uninteresting to me.


Day 53!


  1. I thought I got this one in my Possets order, but I just checked and I ordered Silver Violet ;) Wasn't Silver Carnation the one you really liked? I haven't tried any of the Silvers yet, so I'm excited to try my first one!

    1. I'm interested to hear what Silver Violet is like. I loved Silver Carnation.

  2. I like lavender more that I like rose, but that doesn´t mean that I enjoy it very much. I have some lovely scents with lavender in them, but normally as a supporting note rather that in a dominant role...

    1. I think I just smelled too many of those lavender drawer sachets when I was a little kid. My mum used to have them everywhere.

  3. I can't abide lavender notes and avoid it at all costs! I know what you mean about the drawer sachets! I know it's supposed to be a calming scent but it does not have that effect on me.