Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spellbound - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

*I'm still a couple of days behind after bailing during the heat, and I probably won't catch up on that (or comments and other people's blogs) until the weekend. But I haven't forgotten you! 

Ars Amatoria
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Perfectly enchanting! An irresistably sexual, utterly rapturous blend of three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk.

In the vial I was confused about this before I looked at the notes.

"Smells like rose. Wait... is it? No... maybe lotus? No, wait - I'm sure that's rose. Noodles, what does this smell like?"
"Thanks. Super helpful."

It's kind of rose, but kind of not. It's more of a super musky sweet oriental than overtly floral. Very feminine, very sexified - a good perfume for a night out when you're frocked up and have got the spanx and your fanciest earrings out. The dry down brings the rose out a bit more for a while, but that doesn't last more than an hour, and then it's back to musk. This perfume has quite a lot of throw and lasts for ages - I was pretty conscious of it most of the day and wondering if I'd gone a bit OTT with it. On the downside, for the first hour or so it made me feel a bit sneezy. I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this because I don't frock up very often and it's not the kind of thing I'd just wear out and about, but I do like it quite a bit.


Day 51!


  1. Heh! I don't go out much either. I am quite a boring person for a 20-something. And I have no excuse other than going out is not my thing! So, sufficed to say, I don't have many going out perfumes!

    1. Maybe we should just wear our 'going out' perfumes on Saturday nights while watching TV in our PJs!