Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breathless - Twyla Perfumes

Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary


A scent inspired by the Jean-Luc Godard movie; a little romantic, a little smutty, a little noir and very very French. Red and white rose, vintage patchouli, myrrh, cacao absolute, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood. This scent is absolutely beautiful, with neither the rose nor the patchouli overwhelming, balanced by a healthy dose of deep, dark chocolate.  The rose is steam-distilled and very smooth, the patchouli vintage and ultra-dark, complex and wine-like in its scent and body. The myrrh adds depth while and the cacao is rich and bittersweet.  Bourbon vanilla adds a lovely non-cloying and richness only real vanilla can achieve while sandalwood rounds it out with a lovely woody creaminess. You don't want to skip this one, even if you think you don't like patchouli!

In the vial I smell bitter dark chocolate and patchouli. It’s very dark and somewhat masculine. Once applied, the rose is detectable, but the patchouli really amps on my skin, and it almost gets to the point where it’s too much for me. As it dries down, the chocolate comes out again, but it’s smoother this time, still dark but not bitter, warmed and softened by the vanilla and sandalwood. Like the majority of Twyla’s scents, this one sits close to the skin, but the lasting power was pretty good – I could still smell it 6 hours later. I liked this quite a lot, but probably not enough for a full bottle, as that patchouli would no doubt get to me after a while. I think this would be an amazing scent for a man, and once again I must lament that I don’t have one to test these kinds of things on. SAD FACE. 


Day 38!


  1. Oh Yay! I am so glad you reviewed this perfume, as it intrigued me when I was lurking the Twyla website. I have no idea why, but I am so indecisive of which Twyla perfume to buy samples of once I have a bit of extra money. I was interested in the Soma one because I thought I could try it for stress relief. I also was interested in this one. I think you reviewed Soma like in December and said it smelled nice in your oil burner? That is, if I remember correctly!

    1. I'll include Soma and this one when I send you some next week. :-)

  2. Agree on this one...the patch is tooooo much for me on DD!

    1. Yes, I'm less averse to patchouli than I used to be now that I've experienced some decent ones, but I still think it's better in very small doses.

  3. I loved the film, I really want to try this! I hope it's as good as the on-screen chemistry between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg :)