Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bourbon Street - Deep Midnight Perfumes

Bourbon Street
Deep Midnight Perfumes

Bourbon Street: The Lamplighter turns down his last alleyway, and you long to follow the scent of sexy bay rum touched with vanilla and musk. Originally created as a men's fragrance but popular as a unisex scent!

I'm really enjoying these blokier scents lately. Am I maturing or just getting old, I wonder? This is the masculine version of any number of vanilla musk scents out there, with the bay rum giving it a slinky smokey edge in the vial and when first applied. There's nothing really unique about it but I do like it quite a bit. Sillage is medium, but it doesn't last all that long - it was gone in a couple of hours.


Day 55!


  1. The majority of my favorite perfumes are blokier scents! I guess I just find them more intriguing and quite comforting in an odd way. I tried 67 Chevy Impala from your package, and I'm in love!

    1. I loved that one too - it's very sniffable!

  2. Tis sounds like a lovely scent! I am, like Rachel above, a fan of more masculine scents!

  3. I have this one and like it quite a bit, but it's not my favourite in their line. I just received a new order from Deep Midnight and I got a couple more of the masculine scents there.

    1. Do you review your perfumes somewhere, Lissabeth or just enjoy them for yourself? If you're posting regularly somewhere in a blog or forum I'd love to read your opinions. :-)

    2. I wish I had the initiative to write a nice blog like you do! I would do reviews of the perfumes I have and maybe lip balms. Perhaps sometime in the next few months. If I make a blog for it, I'll let you know :) Right now both my husband and I are living in the USA for his job and still getting acqainted and traveling about a bit. And I have a wee one who keeps me very busy :)

      I should join the forums for BPAL and Solstice. Mostly I lurk on perfume blogs and some forums to read reviews and see what I should try. I am a perfume addict and collect samples. I love soaps, scented candles, lip balms and lipsticks as well.