Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cri de Coeur - Possets Perfume

Cri de Coeur (Cry of the Heart)
Possets Perfume

This fragrance is a real stunner, a true Posset with large lashings of Vanilla, nougat, coconut, sweet musk, tobacco flower,swirling cotton, a drop of nag champa, chypre, black musk and sugar cane. There is the essence of a very good dragon's blood in it, a small amount of lime, and lime blossom. This is quite a complex beauty. Very sweet without being totally foody, long lasting and strong.

There’s not a lot of change here from vial to dry down. Essentially it’s smooth, creamy, sweet and warm, with a super faint hint of citrus. It makes me think of milk that’s been warmed up with a cinnamon stick and a piece of lemon peel. This perfume sits very close to the skin – barely any sillage at all – and it disappears very quickly. I couldn’t smell it at all after an hour, and reapplying only extended its life a smidge longer. I want to like this, but it’s just too fleeting.

2/5 If it had hung around a bit longer I’d have given it a 3, as it is pleasant and comforting.

Day 47!


  1. The scent description sounds so comforting, though the lime throws me off a bit! Too bad it didn't last on you :( That stinks. I have 2 Possets imps (thanks to Amanda, she's awesome!) and Gypsy Grave lasts really well on me, which is surprising considering how freaking dry my skin is.

    1. I've got Gypsy Grave on my list to try next time I buy anything from Possets, though they sent me TEN free samples with my last order, so I think I'm pretty set for a while.

  2. I just got my Possets order from my sister and after testing all 20, I only loved one...Morgan Le Fey. Which I could still smell about 10 hours later!

    1. When I did my last Possets order I bought 4 full size and 6 samples, and received 10 free samples - I haven't worked through more than maybe a third of them yet, but there have only been one or two that have really grabbed me. The others have been pleasant enough but... eh... I don't know whether it's because a lot of her perfumes tend to be thematically similar, or whether it's just that my personal tastes result in me always buying perfumes that are thematically similar.