Friday, February 1, 2013

Pomona - Possets Perfume

Possets Perfumes

A really special blend, Pomona is the essence of many fall harvest fruits of the earth playing on each others charms. I was amazed at how good this particular mixture of flora smelled! One clue, all of the ingredients start with a "p". Named for the goddess of the earth's fruiting. Unisex, for the patchouli lover, but patchouli haters have love it, too! Characteristics: fruity, patchouli, spicy, autumn, long lasting, home scent.

The only reason I bought this to try is because every time I see any discussion of Possets, someone always brings up Pomona and then a bunch of people chime in to bang on about how awesome it is. I didn't expect to like it much - the description mentions fruit, after all. But it really grew on me after a while. 

In the vial there's a sort of toasty sweetish smell, like maybe popcorn? Or pecans? It reminds me a lot of carnival scents so it's something related to that. Once applied there's a fruit note at first, which I think is peach, and maybe pear. Yeah, there's definitely pear in there. Surprisingly, it's not awful on me. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It's very perfumey, but not quite like any other perfume I've ever smelled before. I can't smell any patchouli at all, which is odd as that's a note that tends to dominate on me (annoyingly).The dry down is kind of a bakery scent, biscuit or pastry, and the pear comes out more. It's like a pear tart.

The sillage is medium, as is longevity. I needed to reapply about 5 hours after the first application. I don't know if I'd wear this, but it's definitely interesting, and not really like anything else I have. 

3.5/5 Not quite a 4 - I doubt I'd ever buy a full bottle, but a cut above the rabble. 

Day 32!


  1. This sounds interesting! Fun that all the notes start with a P!

    1. I know! I kept trying to work out what was in it by thinking of things that start with P... pomegranate? peach? pear? Very cute idea. :-)

  2. I love this one! It's definitely a nutty patchouli on my skin thought.

    1. I definitely got the nut, but weird I didn't get the patchouli!