Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Sacred Queen - Twyla Perfumes

The Sacred Queen
Maia Collection
Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary

Beautiful, ruthless and fiery - The Sacred Queen, with over 14 essential oils, is a deceptively sweet, complex and unmistakably regal blend of honey and smokey vetiver, amber and vintage patchouli, frankincense, neroli and bitter almond with smoldering spices, sacred incense and a heady blend of florals.  

I thought I would hate this at first because in the vial all I got was a big huff of patchouli. However, once applied it almost immediately sweetened and mellowed. I don't really get a distinct floral note but I think there's something flowery about it. It's very, VERY hippie-ish. Not my cup of tea, but not nearly as bad as I initially thought it would be. Oddly I can't smell the honey if I put my nose to my wrist and sniff, but I can smell it when I'm just moving my wrist around - I kept getting whiffs of it at work while I was typing.

The other day I was chatting on Twitter with some people about that fashion in the 90s for the semi-goth look, with long flowing velvet dresses, lace up boots, chokers, hair dyed black or red, etc. This perfume evokes that style for me. There's something about it that says to me: Wiccan, hippie, probably wears or carries a crystal. Sillage is medium - it packs a bit of a punch at first but settles down fairly quickly. Longevity was good - I could smell it on myself for most of the day.


Day 177!


  1. He he!! Probably wears or carries a crystal :-D I always get scared by perfumes with a long list of notes, and I'm not a huge fan of patchouli but everything apart from it sounds beautiful.

    1. Twyla's patchoulis are pretty much the only ones I can tolerate, but even then sometimes it's too much for me.

    2. Ok, I'm game - it's weather-appropriate too!