Sunday, June 2, 2013

French Chocolate Macaroon - Deep Midnight Perfumes

French Chocolate Macaroon
Deep Midnight Perfumes

Victorian ladies love Paris – and French pastries and treats! Enjoy the scrumptious smells of creamy chocolate, toasted coconut, and tantalizing vanilla.

Guys, I'm totally over chocolate. I know, right! I never thought it would happen, but I have completely chocolated myself out over the past year, I think. In the vial of this one I can smell chocolate and coconut, which does make me kind of want a Bounty, I have to admit. Once applied nothing much else happens, though it does get a bit sweeter as it dries down and the vanilla come out. 

There's nothing wrong with this perfume - if you're a chocolate fan you'll probably like it. But there's nothing that makes it jump out from all the other chocolate scents either, and I'm just..... zzzzzzzzzzzz


Day 149! 


  1. I have this sample and while I like Chocolate, the coconut gets to me after while. I have to be in the right mood for this one. If there was a tiny bit darker note in it somewhere, I would like it more. It is delicious, but nothing unique.

    1. I think you're right about it needing a darker note. The chocolate is fine but really, it just smells like a bar of chocolate and that gets boring fast.