Saturday, June 29, 2013

Belladonna - Twyla Perfumes

Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary


Bright and lovely on the surface, Belladonna hides underneath her sparkling top notes a sweet and deadly poison fruit; deadly nightshade apples and ripe blood-red and purple berries with a hint of citrus, cutting sharp as a blade through the corrupt sweetness. Apple accord, raspberry (natural isolate), guava leaf, apricot, saffron, lemon myrtle and white musk.

A very wise man once said that purple is a fruit, and that's what I get when I sniff this - a big hit of fruity purpleness. It's sweet berries with a faint orange-y note and raspberry adding a tiny bit of astringency, not much. There's a creamy note in the dry down that I don't love - it almost-but-not-quite smells a bit turned. I wonder if that's the apricot - I love Twyla's apricot note in other perfumes but I know a few people really disliked it. 

Sillage was lowish on this - it's quite subtle. Longevity was medium - I applied very early in the morning and it was almost gone by lunch time.


Day 176!


  1. I like the name but the fruit turned me off. And I'm weary of saffron!

    1. I don't think I smelled the saffron (unless it was that turned note?). Certainly not like Love's Philosophy.