Monday, June 10, 2013

Courtly Love - Possets

Courtly Love
Possets Perfume

The slow stately thromb of courtly love as the man adores his lady and shows his love every day. Coconut (here used more as a serious element rather than a novelty) dances with apricot and a light kiss of vanilla and a very sweet, not stinky, jasmine to make a honey-ed note stand out. Swoony nice.

I wore this for three days in a row because it was so pretty. It's just a sweet, girly gourmand, but something about it just kept me gravitating back for another wear. In the vial I can smell the jasmine and vanilla - it's a prettier than usual version of any number of white floral vanilla scents. Once applied, the coconut comes out and the jasmine just kind of hovers around the edges - this is definitely  a foody perfume rather than a flowery one. The coconut is more creamy than coconut generally is in perfume, and the apricot makes it smell like a delicious dessert - it reminded me of something custardy like a pannacotta or a crème anglaise.

Sillage was medium to low - it didn't really scream its presence at all, but I could smell it when I moved my arm. It didn't last a long time though - it was virtually gone in 3 hours or so.


Day 157! 


  1. This is amazing on me as well. Perfect scent for the summer! Have you tried anything from the Posset's Spring update (Sacred Geometry)? I have 5 bottles in my cart right now but I am just not sure!

    1. No, none of the Sacred Geometry ones really jumped out at me. I'm waiting to see what the summer ones are.

  2. Arghhhhh arghh arghhhh this sounds divine <3

    1. It's going on my full bottle list - and Possets does free shipping over $50US worldwide!