Monday, June 10, 2013

Genteel - Arcana Soaps

Arcana Soaps (from The Rhinestone Housewife)

Made exclusively for The Rhinestone Housewife by Arcana, Genteel is the well-bred housewife who pens perfect thank you notes and always matches her carpet to her drapes. Aniseed, 2 vanillas, dry amber, sugar and cashmere musk with wisps of fine sandalwood and cedarwood. 

Oh my. You know I love a liquorice scent, and this is one gorgeous example. The vanilla and sugar sweeten the aniseed, the woody notes deepen the dry down and whatever the heck cashmere musk is it's awesome and should be in everything because I'm assuming it's the amazing musk note hovering around poking everything else. Oh my. I don't know what else to say. Full bottle, stat.

Sillage is medium, longevity also medium. I reapplied after about 6 hours, but I could still smell it. I just wanted to smell more of it.


Day 159!


  1. Oh, licorice scents, how I love them!! Both the anise and the licorice root varieties!

    1. I'm the same - anything with liquorice and I'm all over it. I feel like I have to have a bottle of this but then I also want a bottle of Alkemia's Trick or Treat, which is similar but has the orange tinge. Decisions, decisions.. or can I justify both...?

  2. Oh golly gosh, I'm a sucker for liquorice too, have you sniffed diesel loverdose? It's a liquorish, caramel head kicker if I recall correctly. Ohhh you're making me want ALL THE THINGS!!!

    1. No, don't know that one. Did you buy this one with your order, Jade? I can't remember.

    2. I think I did, now I can't remember ooops.