Sunday, June 30, 2013

Limerence - Darling Clandestine

Darling Clandestine

Limerence is a rich floral-not a grandmotherly floral, but a moody blend of bruised Casablanca lilies, bittersweet succulents, full-bodied herbal essentials, a heady crust of sea salt, and a wonderfully fine mitti attar that's the essence of first rain hitting sun-baked earth. 

First a note about the vial - these actually come labelled with a little ticket, like an old fashioned bus or tram ticket, as shown in the third picture on Liber Vix's review of some Darling Clandestines. It's a cute idea, but it's not overly practical for storage - I was worried they would fall of and then I'd never know which was which, so I just stuck these little labels on them myself. 

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but I find in a lot of perfumes - and particularly with Darling Clandestine perfumes - that the vial and the little wand cap smell different. In the vial this is very floral - an English/Victorian garden scent with lilies and something old-fashioned like lilacs or hyacinths. The wand, however, smells very green and herbal. Once applied those notes blend together - a green, lush, wet country garden. Surprisingly for a DC perfume, this one doesn't change all that much on me. It lasted about 6 or so hours before I felt that I needed to reapply, and the sillage was low to medium. 


Day 179!


  1. This sounds like a lovely perfume for summer. Is it finally cOoling off in your neck of the woods? I saw some adorable pictures on tumblr of animals trying to stay cool in the heat wave in Australia. It has been consistenly 116 F where I live as omg, my car runs too hot so I can't use AC. Shitty heat is shitty. ;)

    1. Oh yes, it's the middle of winter here now and freezing! Well, relatively - I think the lowest it's been overnight has been 4 degrees celsius (39F). It never snows here or anything.

      I sympathise with you in that baking heat, exactly the kind of weather I dread every year. :-(

  2. The sea salt sounds very appealing, as do the succulents - I sniffed a Kielh's Cucumber roll-on and it was beautiful and fresh. I am strategising in advance for next summer, this is going onto my hot weather sample list.

    1. I didn't get the sea salt at all - I tried to find it, but to no avail.