Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lady Nightingale - Sarawen Perfume Art

Lady Nightingale 
Dragon Age Set
Sarawen Perfume Art

Fragrant white flowers of ginger blossom, jasmine, and gardenia over a sensuous base of light musk. Topped off with a single note of sweet vanilla. Delicate and innocent, yet charmingly sexy. This scent is an ultra-feminine floral musk inspired by Lelianna.

In the bottle there's something that smells almost fruity, but once applied this is definitely a white floral - the jasmine in particular is prevalent. It's quite strong at first, with a medium to high sillage, but after 20 minutes or so it dries down and softens a bit. The vanilla and musk base sweeten the floral. It lasted about 6 hours on me before I felt I had to reapply.

There is nothing unique about this perfume - it's a pretty standard white floral musk, but if you like that sort of thing, it's a very pretty version. I found myself sniffing my wrist a lot when I was wearing it.

As a side note, I can't believe this is the first Sarawen perfume I've tested for this blog! I just got a haul of samples the other day so there will be more. I love the packaging - the little bottles with screw top lids instead of vials with wands are a great idea.


Day 148!


  1. I have some old sarawen in the old vials. I tend not to like her florals very much, but do enjoy her more gourmand scents.

    I had a bad customer service experience in asking a question of her some time back in 2011 and so did my sister in law. She was quite brusque and we were not sure why. I think someone selling perfumes also needs to have great customer service skills or I will not bother to some back. She has since changed her ways, I have heard she has improved her CS skills (according to my sister in law) and I think I will place another order soon. I want to get a few new sample sets since it has been so long. After all I have to at least support a fellow Canadian. If I remember correctly, I loved Pixie Dust and Cake or Death.

    I am torn on thoughts on the wee bottles though. Scent by the Sea and a few others use those bottles and I think that is a waste of packing materials and cost for samples for an extra .5 ml.

    1. Oh, that's not good! I've only ever done a couple of orders but I've had no issues. Hopefully all done and dusted now. I know what you mean though - I've had bad experiences with sellers and even if it's a few years later and people are raving about awesome they are I'm hesitant to step back in. Just goes to show how important customer service really is, especially with indie sellers where the internet has such a strong word of mouth.