Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Private Eye - Solstice Scents

Private Eye
Dark Spring 2013
Solstice Scents

Cocoa Absolute, Myrrh, EO, Pink Pepper EO, Black Pepper EO, Tonka Absolute, Buddha Wood, Tobacco Absolute, Coffee EO, Guiacwood, Rosewood, EO, etc. 

In the vial this smells like dark, dark peppery bitter chocolate. It's woody and I can also smell the tobacco, a very masculine and intense fragrance. Once applied, the first thing that came to mind is that scene from Withnail and I when they drive past the school girls and Richard E. Grant hangs out the car window and screams, "SCRUBBERS!" I don't know what happened but it just went immediately acrid on me and I hated it. It was sharp and bitter and although I left it on for over an hour hoping it would morph into something else, it stayed stubbornly that way. In the end I just had to get it off. Definitely not for me.


Day 146!

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  1. I wonder if it is the guiacwood. It made me itchy in one of their other blends. Although this sounds so good in terms of notes. Ihave to be careful with certain EOs though. I tend to get mini allergic reactions to many deeper wood based ones perfumers use.