Monday, May 27, 2013

Dark Winter's Tale - Deep Midnight Perfumes

Dark Winter's Tale
Deep Midnight Perfumes

The winter night air freezes your breath on your scarf as you walk towards a waiting haven of light, safety and the inviting smells of a winter cottage. Hurry to get inside from this dark winter night, and an evening of warmth and joy awaits you! Inspired in part by a fantastic cookie recipe from Morgan Crone, this holiday perfume contains many wonderful scent notes, including: dark gingerbread, rich vanilla, molasses, cardamon, anise, and black pepper. A scrumptious, gourmand, rich and spicy unisex winter scent!

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that most of Deep Midnight's perfumes are sadly not for me. The vanilla note - which is in a lot of the ones I chose or were sent for free (from memory, the owner was particularly generous with free samples) has a distinct synthetic element that just bugs me. It's not that hideous toilet spray vanilla that some companies use, but it's just a bit NQR on me. Dark Winter's Tale has that note and it immediately put me off as soon as I realised. It's kind of an odd thing - it almost smells like coffee. There's a spice note in the vial as well, gingery but also probably the cardamom. Something like allspice in a Christmas cake. Once applied the ginger really comes out on me and combined with the pepper it actually made me a bit sneezy for a couple of minutes. When it settled a bit I didn't mind the ginger, if only that synthetic note would have gone away. After 20 minutes or so it started going dusty on me and stayed that way. Sillage is low and it didn't last terribly long - very, very faint by about the 3 hour mark. 


Day 143!


  1. This is another of my favourites from the DMP collection for winter months. I could not stop wearing this last holiday! I bought two full bottles and used them up fast. I'd have to say I like this even more than SS Dark Gingerbread Cake which I also love.

    I bought all the holiday sample sets from DMP last year and I enjoyed them all except Yuletide Revel, which went a bit dusty and musty on me as the booziness dried down.

    1. I don't think I'm that big a fan of ginger. I want to like it, and I love the smell of actual gingerbread, but I have yet to find a gingery perfume that I really love.