Monday, May 6, 2013

Leather Rose - Black Baccara

Leather Rose

Leather rose had been in the works for some time, as I wanted to created a leather and rose blend that was deep, rich and evocative while at the same time not being too floral. This is not a delicate floral, and it is comparable to my Black Rose blend in regard to the darkness of mood. I also consider it the female counterpart to my popular men's cologne, Marquis De Sade. This blend contains four different types of rose including Hawthorne Rose and Tea Rose. The roses dance with a deep, dark leather. This blend goes through many changes. At the onset, the different rose varieties begin to bloom, seemingly one at a time. Soon after, the roses retreat and make way for a subtle leather whisper, which gradually grows in intensity.

Where is the leather? There is no leather in this that I could smell at all. I just got rose, rose and more rose. This smelled like Yardley Roses. There’s not much more I can say about it, really. 


Day 124! 

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