Sunday, May 12, 2013

Burlesque Lounge - Nevermore Body Company

Burlesque Lounge
Nevermore Body Company

True to its name...this musky combination of Patchouli, black leather and tobacco with a floral hint of Frankincense, violet and amber is perfectly blended in fresh lemon, mandarin, juicy plum, red apple, cinnamon and fresh clove, dipped in vanilla and cherry cordial. Let the intoxicating scents of a 19th century Burlesque Lounge tickle your senses and take you back to another time.

In the vial this is fruity and sweet - I can smell the apple and plum, and there is a candy-ish note that might be the cherry cordial. It's basically the same on my skin but with a hint of lemon. This perfume went dusty on me within minutes and stayed that way. The sillage was low and it didn't last very long. I don't like fruit scents so even without the dustiness it wouldn't have been my cup of tea.


Day 130! 

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  1. Now this sounds delicious in the notes and I love the name, but a bit unsure of the violet and patchouli, if I would like that combination. I do like fruit notes mixed with darker notes. I am not sure I would be tempted to try a sample.