Saturday, May 11, 2013

Isabella - Possets

Possets Perfume

So very ladylike but so very seductive. Notes of rose are combined with a light resin, white tea leaf and a rare honey/milky-musk. This one starts off as demure and gradually becomes more and more seductive as it warms on your skin. Finally the musk comes out, and it is the sort I call "cream musk" as it becomes very brightly smoothly sweet as the mixture matures. A light dusting of familiar spices round out the mixture and make it the perfect portrait of Isabella and what she must have left behind after she lingered in a room. Enchanting and uplifting perfume. 

I got a Possets order the other day and the entire package smelled like this perfume, to the point where I thought it must have leaked. It hadn't though - it's just incredibly strong. In the vial it's a creamy scent, distinctly musk but quite unusual, and the rose is there but that musk is running the show. There's a faint candy note - it's not like those pink musk lollies, though. More like the milk bottles you get in the Allen's Retro Party Mix.

This perfume doesn't change all that much as it dries down, but the musk deepens a little and the honey adds a sweetness. The sillage is really high - you definitely need to have a light hand with it. It also lasted a really long time - well over 12 hours and then I had a shower. It's really pretty and quite old-fashioned, but I'm not sure I could tolerate wearing it too often. It's the very definition of a head kicker.


Day 129!


  1. The description made me kind of hungry, and your mention of lollies too - I think I need some kind of more 'grown-up' perfume so might give this a go. I'm a bit afraid of how strong it is though, I hail from a line of light-weights when it comes to getting headaches!

    1. It's VERY strong - I have a high tolerance for strong perfumes and this one was almost too much for me. I didn't get a headache but I felt a bit woozy for a couple of hours before it mellowed.

  2. It "sounds" lovely in the notes, but the high strength of it would perhaps turn me off. I like perfumes that linger lightly on me and I can smell them and people can smell them within a metre or so, but if it is screaming it's way into a room or I get overwhelmed by he scent as I am trying to go to sleep hours later, then no thanks.