Saturday, May 25, 2013

Morderteile Kelah - Darling Clandestine

Morderteile Kelah
Darling Clandestine

This is a fragrance I've created in honor of a magnificent lady with magnificent knockers. Amber, hyacinth, milk and strawberry jam are just a few of the elements that capture Kelah. As if anyone ever could capture her completely. You need a butterfly net, I bet. It's sweet and sultry and spicy and summery, and I'm so very happy with it.

I've never set myself up as a perfume expert (far from it), and I've never claimed to be great at describing them. I try to get across how each perfume smells on me to the best of my ability, and hopefully that is helpful to some people. However, I struggle so much with Darling Clandestine perfumes. The blends are such that I can rarely pick out any specific notes, and it's not that they are a big mess like, say, some of the BPAL general catalogues. It's just that they're so damned unique that I can't just go, "Oh yes - that's X!" with any confidence. I think I smell something like vanilla, but that might be the milk now that I've seen the notes. It's creamy and sweet - more like condensed milk now I think of it. There's something vaguely alcoholic in there... something a bit smokey... there's a dab of sweetness that's bordering on fruity but not quite (the jam?). Gosh, I don't know. It's very pretty, though.

This perfume went a bit dusty on me after a while, which was a pity because I was quite enjoying it until then. It didn't last all that long - maybe 3 hours or so. Sillage is quite low too. Once again, Darling Clandestine defeats my attempts to get my head around a fragrance! 

I don't know... 3/5? I like it a lot, but then it goes dusty. And even when it's good on me it's probably not one I'd buy a full bottle of. 

Day 139!


  1. This one in particular has not be on my list of DC scents to sample, but you just never know what you will get with a DC scent... You make me want to try this! I guess I'll just have to sample every single scent evonne makes!

    1. I'm kind of the same now. I have yet to sniff a DC perfume that smells like I expected it to, so now I'm thinking all the ones that I glossed over because the sound of them didn't grab me I might need to check out.

  2. I love this one when I first apply it and for a while after but unfortunately the strawberry turns just a little fake smelling on me in the end. The initial scent though is gorgeous and fascinating-fruity, spicy, creamy- quite inimitable ;)

    1. Maybe that's similar to the dustiness I got. I am intending to try it out again soon as I want to see if it still happens.

  3. I keep on reading the name too quickly and thinking it is called 'Mortadelle' - but I'm quite taken with the idea of milk and cream at the moment, so might have to add yet another scent to my samples wish list!