Sunday, April 7, 2013

Neutral - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

The RPG Series
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

A flawless skin musk. 

We all know that some perfumes can evoke strong feelings. In the vial, Neutral almost smells like nothing. It's well-named, actually. On the skin it's kind of like a really mild soap, but as soon as I applied it I started to feel weirdly uncomfortable and creeped out. It was the strangest thing. The scent doesn't change at all from wet to dry. It smelled clean and soapy and should have been completely inoffensive and a bit dull, but I just kept having this weird urge to get it off me. After a couple of hours I was tired and wanted to go to bed but I couldn't bring myself to go with this perfume still on me so I scrubbed it off. And then I felt shuddery and strange, like I'd just barely missed walking into a massive spider web or found out a plane I'd missed had crashed.

It occurred to me later what made me feel uneasy about this perfume - to me, it smells exactly how I'd imagine a serial killer to smell.

1/5 *shudder*

Day 97!


  1. That is about the most interesting scent review I've ever read! I would like to try it just to see exactly how it plays out, even if it's totally disturbing. It's true though, some scents just give you a visceral reaction for no apparant reason. Eau de serial fascinating!

  2. Now, that´s seriously weird!!

  3. That would scare the bejesus out of me! Not ever trying it!

  4. eeeww reminds me of perfume, story of a murderer.

  5. Now that is incredibly creepy! But now I'm morbidly curious about it, eep!

  6. When you said a serial killer I thought that this is how Dexter would smell!

  7. Catching up on your posts :) oooh too much...Serial killer! I will pass on this :)

  8. I have a bottle of Neutral and I LOVE it. It's a very calming scent on me. I really like it.

  9. This reminds me of my experience with Sachs. I just..smelled like someone else. It was weird.