Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lucy - Twyla Perfumes

Literary Ingenues - Spring Collection 2013
Twyla Perfumes

Lucy - from C.S. Lewis' "Narnia" books.  Valiant, down-to-earth and loyal - Lucy never wavers in her simple honesty and conviction, bravely facing dangers head-on with a dignity beyond her years.  Bulgarian lavender, honey, sweet vanilla, neroli, pine and oak moss.

In the vial there is a bright, green fresh note. It might be the pine, but that's a note that usually makes me feel a bit sick and this one doesn't at all. Applied it's more piney and sweet, not enough to induce nausea, but enough to know straight away I'm not going to love this. I can detect the lavender, but it's subtle. The dry down is mossy and slightly sweet, probably the honey. Ehhhhhnnn, I can think of a few people who would probably love this, but it's not for me. Longevity was good - I could still smell it 8 hours later. Sillage was quite strong when first applied, but subsided within an hour.


Day 109!


  1. Moss and honey sounds like a nice, and rather unique, combo! Though my skin likes lavender a bit too much and sucks up most honey without leaving much to enjoy, so I don't know what would happen on my skin...

    1. I feel like this could be one you might like, Nadja.

  2. The pine and lavender will be enough to keep me away on this one. I love the thought of honey and neroli though...hmmm!