Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aequitas - Darling Clandestine

Darling Clandestine

Yes. It's a fragrance inspired by the Boondock Saints. Smoke and blood and whiskey and damp alleys and leather and steel and gunpowder and sweat and denim and sweet wooden rosary beads and a bit of clover struggling up through concrete cracks. It is unisex and so, so, so sexy.

Aequitas contains highly concentrated German chamomile, so it's got a bit o' the green. And since it also contains real whiskey, the dark resins and lovely insanely green oil-bubbles tend to separate and settle at the bottom. Just give the bottle a shake, and the perfume turns the color of a luna moth. :)

I wore this for three days in a row trying to get my head around it and I'm still baffled. I can't really pick out any notes, it smells like... green. In the bottle I think I can smell the steel note and also the whiskey, but to be honest I could only pick out those notes once I knew they were there. It's very masculine - slightly too masculine for my tastes. Once applied it stays that way for quite a long time, but then a couple of hours later there's something floral about it - no particular flower, not particularly girly, but definitely floral. It's weird. I have no idea whether or not I like it. Sillage is medium, longevity is about 10 hours.

Undecided. I'm going to try it again in a month or so and see if I can make more sense of it.

Day 114!


  1. I'm also a bit baffled by this one... I can't at all tell what I'm smelling! But what I do smell i like very much! I love the spicy beginning and the greeness! This is the kind of DC scent that I didn't like the first time I wore it, that I liked the second time and that I'll probably love the third time!

    1. Well, I'm glad it's not just me who's stumped by this one.