Monday, April 1, 2013

Lucretia - Enchanticals Perfume

Enchanticals Perfume

A Victorian, Gothic Mourning fragrance straight from the halls of the finest Funeral Parlors draped in velvet curtains, lace doilies under fine crystal vases of floral arrangements, and perfumed handkerchiefs dampened by tears of love lost. Soft powdery vanillas, a bouquet of funeral wreaths with Attar of Rose, Lilies, and Jasmine, with black Amber and a few other dark secrets.

In the vial Lucretia is a sweet vanilla floral, the kind of perfume I am always guaranteed to like - it's my jam. Application to my wrist brings out a pastry/cake note and a very faint hint of something lemony. The amber is present right from the beginning but it's quite soft. I can smell the jasmine and lilies in a beautiful blend of white floral, but the rose is not distinct - that's a good thing in this kind of perfume, it could easily take over. There's nothing much unique going on here - I've smelled many versions of this kind of perfume, but this is a particularly lovely blend. The dry down is a really pretty floral musk. Sillage was medium for a couple of hours, but even when it faded, the scent itself lasted for ages. I applied it early evening and I could still smell it on my wrist the following afternoon (for the record, I would normally have had a shower in that time but I'm on holidays so I'm skanking around the house).

5/5 Loved it, couldn't stop sniffing it. Definitely going on the full bottle list for my next Enchanticals purchase.

Day 87!


  1. Omgomgomgomgomg. I need this in my life. I would probably buy a FS unsniffed because this is my favorite type of scent. Anything to do with haunted houses, enchanted libraries, beautiful funerals, or hazy Cemetaries- I'm in! ;)

    1. It's just beautiful. I keep finding these gems I want in a full size lately - agh!

  2. Sounds like it might be a little bit too floral for me. I like the name though! But I don't think I would chance the sample. And I don't like overly powdery scents.

    1. It is definitely very floral and powdery.