Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vasilissa - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

She herself had cheeks like blood and milk and grew every day more and more beautiful: creamy skin musk and blushing pink musk with soft sandalwood, white amber, dutiful myrrh, and star jasmine. 

There’s something about this that reminds me a little of yesterday’s Puce!, though this is not nearly as sickly. In the vial I can smell something sort of woody and slightly medicinal – I think that is the myrrh. On the skin, it smells like a sweet musky confectioner’s vanilla, the kind you’d find in a pudding. Odd since vanilla is not mentioned as a note – maybe it’s the pink musk? The jasmine adds a note of white floral as well. The dry down is sweet musk and lasts about 3 hours. Sillage is medium. 

2/5 Eh, not hating it, not loving it.

Day 65!


  1. Doesn´t sound very interesting though I do like the inspiration! I love Russian folk tales!

  2. I don't know why, but I always cheat and read your rating before I read your review! I'm not sure how I'd feel about this perfume. I still haven't made an official bpal purchase, though I can't wait to try the bpal imps you sent me ❤ I have quite a few posts to make!

    1. BPAL is so overwhelming. Even several years after first trying them I still only dip in every now and then. Aside from the huge choice and many limited edition collections, quite a few of their common notes don't smell like you'd expect either - their vanilla doesn't smell like other vanillas, their iris doesn't smell like other iris, and so on. Not necessarily bad, but it makes it hard to choose based on notes you like, because you often end up with a perfume that smells absolutely nothing like you'd expect.

  3. Sounds interesting! I never even saw this one before. I agree on BPAL being overwhelming's so hard to even navigate the site and toooooo much wordiness!

  4. Ugh, the waffly descriptions really get on my nerves. I don't need to scroll through a 20 verse poem to find out what's in a perfume!