Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Tricked Your Treat - Enchanticals Perfume

I Tricked Your Treat
Halloween 2012
Enchanticals Perfume

A bag full of goodies with candy corn, butterscotch, chocolate, a hint of fall apples & oranges, spiked with buttered rum and a few other cauldron filled secrets ;) Super yum!

In the vial this is sweet, slightly lemony vanilla pudding. It smells so delicious I want to eat it. Once applied, it's sweet lemon pastry. It's super foody, but in a way I really like. It reminds me a lot of BPAL's Eat Me and The Garden Bath's Lemon Chiffon. I am a sucker for a perfume that smells like dessert!

This goes a bit dusty on me after about 20 minutes, something about the heart of it doesn't work on me very well. Thankfully that doesn't last long - just when I was beginning to get disappointed and think it was going to turn out to be a scrubber after such a promising start, it mellowed to a warm, caramel vanilla scent. The specific notes listed don't really come out on me - I don't know what actual candy corn smells like anyway. I don't get apple or orange, though I do get that slight lemony citrus. Buttered rum and butterscotch could be that caramel vanilla, I guess. Basically, it starts off on me as crème anglaise and on the dry down it turns into sticky date pudding. Either way, I want dessert now. Sillage and longevity are both medium - it stuck around for about 4-5 hours.


Day 76!


  1. I think candy scents are tricky to pull off. I have a Cocoa Pink one... Fear of Halloween... That just didn't work on me.

    1. I can't make them all work. There are some that I really want to love but just can't. I keep trying, though!

  2. This was not a bad one for Enchanticals. Normally I have had rotten luck with all the ones there smelling almost identical on the dry down ( perhaps because of what samples I choose). Also almost every big bottle I have gotten there has leaked EVERYWHERE. I do I like this one though and want it in soap rather than perfume.

    1. Oh, that's a shame about leaking - I don't have any of the really big bottles, just a couple of the dram size ones and I've not had any issues with those.