Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Puce! - Possets Perfume

Possets Perfume

THE popular color in the 18th century. No self respecting dandy would dream of having a waistcoat of another color, no lady would think of ordering a moire silk dress in any other hue. Reviled and lauded, snickered at and loved, puce is the color of controversy. A moderate value bluish red at a low intensity. Slight spice and a hint of raspberry cozy up to a distant and ditsy pressed floral whiff. Captivating and romantic as only puce could possibly be. Live the legend of PUCE! Sweet, foody, gourmand, fruity.

In the vial this is spicy and fizzy, and reminds me of sherbet. Once applied it’s very sweet and lollyish, with a bit of light bright fruitiness (the kind I hate). The dry down smells exactly like Fruit Tingles. I haven’t eaten those for years, but after smelling this perfume I wanted to go out and buy some. Overall though, this was definitely not me. Maybe I would have liked it if I were 12 years old – I feel like even Noodles is too old for it. Sillage was fairly low, but lasting power was good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) – it stuck around for about 5 hours or so. 

2/5 Not quite a scrubber, but a little on the sickly side.

Day 64!


  1. I would probably hate this just as much as I hate the color! ;)

  2. Man, I totally feel like I miss out on all the cool candy here in America. Lifesavers FRUIT TINGLES?! I want one! Haha! We just have plain life savers. Speaking of international candy, I remember when my dad's friend from Caracas, Venezuela would visit; we would always be stocked up on candy corn and Dr Pepper because they didn't have either of those where they lived.

    1. Next time I send off some perfume for you (and there will be a next time - I have these things coming out of my ears), I'll include some Fruit Tingles. :-)