Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Rose - Black Baccara

Black Rose
Black Baccara 

Perhaps the deepest, darkest, most brooding rose that rose fans can experience. This blend is the signature scent of Black Baccara, its namesake. A deep rose, but not too sweet, with a depth that lingers on the skin and grows deeper in time. Imagine a rose dying and coming back as a zombie, and you can start to imagine what is going on in this blend. It is extremely dark while at the same time being clearly rose. The faintest hints of two kinds of vanilla and sandalwood linger in the background to balance out the very deep rose aroma. A very unique, memorable rose blend.

Rose haters, run away now. I applied this lightly to one wrist the other night before going out for dinner with my ex, Ben – a perfume hater who gets headaches from strong florals. I was sitting outside on a still night, opposite him at a fairly big table and he still complained about the smell. This is a perfume that likes to beat you about the head in case you dare try to forget that it’s there. I am quite fond of rose perfumes, even though when it’s in a blend the rose note tends to amp on my skin and dominate everything else, and I’m also quite fond of head kicker florals, but this one was just a tad too much even for me. As I said, I had only lightly applied it and that was just for the intention of testing it – I wasn’t ‘wearing perfume’. Hours later I was still painfully aware that it was there, and I can only imagine what it would have been like had I done my usual slathering with it.

Although the notes state that there is vanilla and sandalwood, all I really got from go to whoa was that rose. It didn’t change much at all from vial to dry down, although the following morning, it had (finally!) mellowed to become a faint musky vanilla scent with the rose just mingling in. 

3/5 The scent of this perfume is lovely if you like roses; the strength is really the only thing it's got going against it. And I never thought I'd say that about a perfume...

Day 66!


  1. Win for Dee for trolling ze ex with a perfeme scent he hates ;) Heh I know it wasn't your intention, but it's still kind of funny and awesome. ❤

    1. Lol, he and I are still BFFs, so I didn't deliberately troll him. It was just a LOT stronger than I would have expected. Mind you, he drove me nuts when we lived together because I couldn't have fresh flowers or scented candles, and I couldn't wear about 90% of my perfumes around him.

  2. *Running away, whimpering a bit*

    1. Oh, you'd be whimpering for sure over this one, Nadja! ;-)

  3. Roses can be a bit much for me, but I do like some rose blends...just not this one. I'm in love with BB's Ancient Fire and Cleopatra. I wish BB used a different base oil though.