Sunday, January 6, 2013

Screamin' Mimi - Midnight Gypsy

Screamin' Mimi
Midnight Gypsy

Sticky sweet cotton candy with vanilla musk, cherry lollipops, a bite of chocolate.... and a splash or three of bourbon.

I got this in the mail a few days ago and I cannot stop playing with it. In the vial it's boozy, but a bit sweet, not that booze note that makes you reel back. First applied it's still sweet (not sugary) and boozy, and ever so slightly smoky. There's a hint of vanilla but I wouldn't call it bourbon vanilla - the sweet note is more of a confectioner's vanilla. It makes me think of trifle (my favourite old school dessert) - I don't get the cotton candy at all, and barely register the chocolate, but there's cherries in syrup, vanilla custard, and cream. This is a gorgeous gourmand with a bit of a kick.

Screamin' Mimi has medium sillage - it doesn't really scream its presence (heh), but you're definitely aware of it. It also lasts a really long time on me - I applied it twice in the early evening, and both times I could still smell it on my wrists well into mid-morning the following day.

5/5 I absolutely love this, and I am definitely getting a full bottle the moment my January No Buy is up.

Day 6!


  1. I´ve always loved the name of this one, but I don´t think it´s for me... Cherries isn´t relly my thing... ;)

    1. Generally I hate any kind of fruity scent, but cherries is probably one of the few exceptions.

    2. My exception is fig, and most berries are fine too... but not cherries! :)

  2. Wow, boozy cherries with vanilla! Count me in!
    I also love to eat cherries in brandy on toast :)