Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carnivale Rouge - Deep Midnight Perfumes

Carnivale Rouge
Deep Midnight Perfumes

Let the red carnival sweep you away into decadence and mystery. Who is that delicious stranger behind the mask? What are you willing to give in return for brush of his lips? Will you remove your mask and bare your desires? Remember.... nothing is ever as it seems when the masquerade begins! Notes of amaretto liqueur are deepened with balanced tones of the darkest cocoa, cappuccino, rich cream, and buttery amber, while background notes of oakwood fire, and citrus deepen the intrigue. Come and play if you will!

I have all my untested samples in a glass bowl in my room (I know I should stand them upright to prevent leakage and so on but it's just not practical for me), and I reach in and pull one out at random to test. For some reason, I keep getting Deep Midnight ones! Though I do have quite a few, as I got 10 samples and was sent 4 free with my order. Anyway, Carnivale Rouge was my latest, and I chose this because it was a gourmand scent with cocoa and cream, two of my favourite notes. I'm not super keen on amaretto, but I find it's one of those notes that comes out sharp early on but never hangs around for long so I can live with it.

In the vial, the first thing I smelled was marzipan, which of course was the amaretto. Once I applied it to my wrist, it was more smokey. The almond scent was still there, but not as sharp. The cocoa isn't chocolate-y as such - it actually adds more to the smokiness and makes everything smell a little like tobacco. The dry down is a warm, fairly light amber with a touch of vanilla. The sillage is low, but once the perfume dries down it hangs around for quite a while, and it's a comforting scent. I like this one.


Day 30!


  1. Sounds very nice! I really should try some carnival scents sometime!

    1. They are all pretty foody though, so you might not like them. ;-)

  2. This one sounds really lovely, I don't think I've worn anything with marzipan or amaretto notes before, so it could be interesting to try!

    1. It is a really nice one.

      Amaretto (or any kind of almond note, really) tends to come out really sharply on me at first, but thankfully almost always fades right back quickly.

  3. I like foodie and I like this one a lot (but then I do love marzipan and almond), the coffee comes out in me the most in the end though.

  4. I tried this recently and it turned into rubbing alcohol on me immediately, as soon as it hit my skin. So strange!