Saturday, January 26, 2013

Children Of The Night - Deep Midnight

Children of the Night
Deep Midnight Perfumes

Children of the Night: What sweet music they make! A nice Gothic blend of dragon’s blood, silky champas, deep vanilla, dark black fig, and the haunting faint breath of heliotrope. This unisex scent will them howling for more.

There is a note in a few of the Deep Midnight perfumes I have sampled that has that synthetic, plasticky smell that's kind of like bandaids. This one has it too, and it's quite strong both in the vial and when first applied. I feel like it might be the heliotrope, which can sometimes smell a bit weird on me. I'm not overly keen on this - it's not quite a scrubber, but that synthetic note distracts me. When it dries down it smells like vanilla and incense. The sillage is not strong, and the lasting power is medium. I don't have much else to say about this one, but I'm definitely not howling for more...


Day 26!


  1. Hmmm... I´m not very find of champa or dragons blood, but vanilla and figs sounds nice... Synthetic though is a definite deal breaker...

  2. I like the name but fig and a synthetic note? Figs never work on me with exceptions like Premier Figuier from L'artisan.

  3. The name makes me think of a horror flick, like Children Of The Corn :D
    Bandaid smell, argh!

  4. The last line in your review is so funny! Too bad this had a synthetic air to it. I suppose the only good thing about perfume duds is they allow us to further appreciate the beautiful perfumes we love!

  5. I had this sample...I think the heliotrope smells like the bandaid smell you mentioned...even fresh helioptrope flowers smell that way to me. I got this as a free sample in an order. It's not me even though I do love the champa and dragon's blood in it. Gave the sample of it to my sis-in-law and everywhere she went people loved it on her. She had to buy bottles for three friends at her work place. One man's bread is another man's cake I guess.