Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jack and The Devil - Solstice Scents

First sniff: 
Leather, chocolate... or maybe a deep vanilla?

First applied: 
Leathery tobacco and vanilla. Very masculine but smooth. There's some patchouli there too but thankfully it's not crazy.

After 30 minutes: 
The patchouli is prominent now, unfortunately. The tobacco is also stronger - this has become even more 'manly' than when I first applied it. It's probably awesome on a bloke, but not my kind of thing at all.

After 3 hours: 
The patchouli has mellowed at last and it's quite a smooth, masculine vanilla amber now. Again, I'm sure this would be amazing on a man but it's not something I would wear.

About 6 hours.

Actual notes/description: 
Vanilla, tobacco, oakmoss, amber, patchouli, pumpkin and soft spice.

Solstice Scents
Permanent (was originally part of a limited edition Fall collection)
Full size and sample size.


  1. This is one of my "power" scents- it lasts FOREVER on me and I feel like a total badass when I wear it (it's that magical). But yeah, it's an intense one. Not for everyone.

    1. I do like it, but it's just too masculine for my tastes. You know I lean heavily toward the more girly scents. ;-)