Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quiet Night - Solstice Scents

Quiet Night
Solstice Scents

Lavender & Roman Chamomile Essential Oils - Aromatherapy for Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia

So this is not a perfume as such, rather an aromatherapy oil. I am not a big fan of lavender - memories of all those school fetes where we would buy our mums a lavender-stuffed wardrobe hanging thing or pin cushion for Mother's Day. However, I am the world's worst sleeper, so I'm up for trying anything that can help there. I put this on before bed and at first it is hella strong - it screams lavender, with the chamomile running up behind yelling, "Yeah, me too!". It does soften quite quickly - within about 15 minutes. It still smells like lavender and chamomile, but it's much more mellow.

I wouldn't say this helped me get to sleep - I was still awake until nearly midnight as usual - but I think it definitely helped me stay asleep. It is extremely rare that I don't wake up at least a couple of times a night, but last night I slept for a straight 6 hours. I know that's not a big thing to many of you, but I cannot remember the last time I did that. I am so used to being tired I don't really know any other setting.

I could still very faintly smell it the next morning, but it was pretty close to gone. I want a full bottle of this for sure - I wouldn't wear it out and about, but if it can give me a big chunk of sleep at once, I'm all for it.


Day 183!


  1. Oh Dee, I am so glad you found something that has helped you stay asleep! Sleep problems are the worst, no matter what side of the spectrum. Aromatherapy has been around for such a long time, I'm not surprised that it's able to help still!

    Love that kittah picture too :D

    1. Ha, not my cat pic - I couldn't find the vial to take a photo so I just looked for some kind of sleep photo and that one tickled me. I love it when cats have woobies.

  2. One of my sister's cats sleeps like this - but to my knowledge he doesn't have a woobie (I had to look it up - new word!).

    So I've been thinking - do you have a bath / enjoy taking baths? What about sleepy tea? I can help on both accounts. I also know Tisserand do a sleep blend - I'll have a look what we got tomorrow :-)

    1. No, I don't have a bath. :-(

      I have tried the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea but it didn't do anything.

    2. Some linden tea and a Tisserand sleep blend (in roller ball form, wasn't sure you had an oil burner?) are on their way. Some people mention anecdotally magnesium helps them sleep when they've rubbed some on their legs for cramps, so there's a small bottle in there too.

      You can combine linden with peppermint, or lemon, and I'm pretty sure it'd go with chamomile if you can stand the 'Yeah me too!' taste (what a show-off herb!).

      It's coming Express so fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow :-)


  3. Hi, bad sleeper here too and I don't like lavender much either. It tends to keep me awake for some reason. I like your blog and will be reading it frequently. I also added it to my bloglist on mine. Hope you don't mind. I have some bpal friends that will enjoy your blog. Happy posting!

    1. Thank you - I'm glad you enjoy it. :-)