Sunday, July 21, 2013

Logical Delusion - Sarawen Perfumes

Logical Delusion
Sherlock Holmes Collection
Sarawen Perfumes

A dangerous and cunning blend of poisoned tea, tobacco, and gunpowder, with a hint of nag champa and absinthe. Beware, Holmes! This is a unisex fragrance that borders towards masculine and is inspired by the character of Moriarty from the world of Sherlock Holmes - it is the perfect foil to my Holmes' fragrance, 'Logical Deduction'!

Well, there's definitely tobacco - straight up that's mostly what I could smell in this one. I did get a whiff of the tea in the background every now and then but the tobacco dominated so it was hard to find. In the dry down, the absinthe was discernible occasionally, but like the tea, kept getting pushed back by the tobacco. This is an extremely masculine scent to me. It was pretty strong with high sillage and lasted for a good 8 hours or so. I almost scrubbed it off at one point because it was so potent it was starting to give me headache. A little dab of this is plenty.  

2/5 If you like very manly perfumes you might be into this, but it's too much for me.

Day 196!


  1. It's too bad the tobacco was so prominent in this blend. I think tobacco is a great note in perfumes when the other notes play well with it. I am currently testing Private Eye by SS. I think you'd like it a lot better than Logical Delusion, because PE has chocolate and coffee notes in it that compliment the tobacco and make it less masculine <3

    1. I've tried Private Eye - not a fan, sadly. It went very dark and bitter on me and I ended up scrubbing it off.