Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Candy Mountain - Common Brimstone

First sniff: 
Just a very sweet, lollyish smell - nothing more to it, really.

First applied: 

Still very lollyish. It's not terrible but it seems like a perfume for a 10 year old. There's nothing else to say about it at this point.

After 30 mins: 

It's turned into plasticky lollies now. Other than that I've got nothing. 

After 3 hours: 

I literally have nothing more to say about this.

Not much more than 3 hours. 

Actual notes/description: 
Take a magical trip to a place of sweets and joy! With a fluffy bed of vanilla bean and toasted marshmallow and zingy notes of candy floss, banana and cherry, Candy Mountain is sweet, warm and a little whacky. 

Common Brimstone
Full size and sample size

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